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Item # RS105, RS105 Vacuum Stuffer- Small Processor

Risco introduces the continuous vacuum stuffer model RS 105. A complete, compact and extremely versatile machine that incorporates all the characteristics of the larger models destined for the larger producers. This model is ideally suited for small to medium producers.

The special and unique Risco Long Life vane product pump, combined with the technology of a new computer control, allows a delicate filling action of any type of meat product or other food products. The flexibility of the vacuum stuffer RS 105 permits easy change over to different kinds of products without long interruptions in the production program.

Specifications  · Dimensions  · Features


Filling Capacity

2400 kg/h
5291.09 lb/hr

Max Filling Pressure (bar)


Portioning Speed (Pz/1')

25g: 330
50g: 280
100g: 210
200g: 140

Max Portion Weight (g)

0 - 10,000

Hopper Capacity

65-150 L
120 lb

Total Power Installed (kW)


Machine Weight

390 kg
859.80 lb


TL-AH, Twist Linker and Automatic Hand
AR20, Guillotine Cut-Off
AR30, Dosing Valve
AR40, Guillotine Depositor
AR45, Hand Depositor
AR65, Sheeting Head
SR2, Casing Spinner
item-1043, 150 Litre Hopper



1672 mm
65.83 in


1060 mm
41.73 in


1010 mm
39.76 in


Ø 599 mm
Ø 23.58 in


764 mm
30.08 in


692 mm
27.24 in


Additional Features

The exclusive Risco Long Life vane product pump.
The model RS 105 is featured with the unique Risco Long Life vane product pump which combines stainless steel parts with high technology plastic resin parts, for a gentle and accurate process of all meat products, including ground meats, coarse meats and emulsions. The excellent particle definition in the final product is a direct result of this process handling. The absence of friction between hard metal components of the vane product pump significantly reduces heavy wear and maintenance costs over the years of these critical components, thus guaranteeing higher productivity and accurate portion control, even after long working periods.

Central computer for program monitoring.
The vacuum filler RS 105 is equipped with a central control computer, giving the possibility to set up to 100 different programs. The versatility of the microprocessor allows a rapid program change during the production time, increasing the profitability of the final output. All the different parameters set are viewed via the digital display allowing easy control of all the filling operational parameters of the machine.

Opening hopper
The hopper of the vacuum stuffer RS 105 is split allowing for easy loading of the product and to assist with the cleaning operation at the end of the working day or production change over.


·  RS105 Risco Long Life Vane Product Pump

·  RS105 Central Computer for Program Monitoring

·  RS105 Opening Hopper

 RS105 Accessories 

AR20 Deopisiting Accessory Guillotine Cut-Off Device
Guillotine Cut-Off

AR30 Dosing Valve
Dosing Valve

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